THE HIGHLIGHTS AT View from the Shard

Reach the top with a visit to The View from The Shard. At more than 1,000ft (300 metres) tall, The Shard in London Bridge is nearly twice as high as any other building in the city.

Travel in some of the fastest lifts in London. Check out the views from the indoor viewing platforms on levels 68 and 69 before taking-in some spectacular, unobstructed, 360-degree views from level 72, which is open-air.

Don’t look twice, reserve your fast-track entry tickets to skip the queues and overlook London’s historical architecture from one of the city’s most iconic modern buildings.

View from the Shard Highlights

Enjoy the best panoramic views of London at The Shard.

ay nothing at the door, simply show your Pass.

Indoor Viewing Gallery

Open-air Skydeck on 72nd Floor

No time-limit.

Journey to a height of up to 800ft (244m); to the top of London’s tallest observation platform and premium visitor attraction.

Piano’s modern design has become a symbol of modern architecture in contemporary London.

View from the Shard Facts

The Shard is 309.6 metres (1,016ft) high.

It has 11,000 glass panels.

There are 44 lifts, including double-decker lifts.

There are 306 flights of stairs.

95% of the construction materials are recycled.

20% of the steelwork is from recycled sources.

The corners of the development are open and the shards do not touch, allowing the building to "breathe".

There are 72 habitable floors.

A further 15 levels will make up the "spire". Six have the potential to be used, while another nine are exposed to the elements.

The ground-floor Shard Plaza will be a public area with seating and plants

The Shard is the tallest building in Europe.

It is the 59th tallest building in the world, around 2.7 times shorter than the tallest, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, which is 828 metres high.

This article was corrected on 6 July 2012 because the original said the Burj Khalifa is 252.4 metres high.

View from the Shard History

The Shard was designed by famed architect Renzo Piano in conjunction with Broadway Malyan. Piano started the design in 2000 under contract by Irvine Sellar. Sellar is a property developer in London that was intent on redeveloping the Southwark Towers that once inhabited the space upon which the Shard now stands.

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